A Home-Like Environment

Setting New Standards in Child Care

The Comfort of a Home, Away from Home: Little children learn naturally by experiencing their surroundings. But they can also be hampered by their environment. Did you know, for instance, that too many bright colors will overstimulate young children, hampering their ability to learn? Or that a selection of more than four objects will cause most children to shut down?

The latest research reveals that the effects of environment on a child’s developing brain are more profound than previously recognized. Clutter, lack of privacy, relentless proximity to other children, even artificial lighting may all contribute to a sense of chaos and anxiety in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

We purposely designed every feature of The Cedarhouse School to foster the emotional, social, and intellectual development of your child. Our classrooms are larger than most, with plenty of room for discovery, socialization, and privacy. Each classroom is uniquely assembled with developmentally appropriate tools, toys, and colors, so the transition from one level to the next will be gentle yet intriguing for your little one. There are lofts in most classrooms to encourage your child’s love for climbing, and a separate art and creative movement room for working out the wiggles and keeping boredom at bay. Even the outside is designed to tease and delight the five senses, with old-growth trees, fragrant herbs and flowers, and porches where children can listen to wind chimes, feel the breeze, or smell the rain.

For parents, The Cedarhouse School offers a variety of stress-reducing amenities… from complimentary coffee and tea for you and an optional nutritious lunch plan for your child, to resource materials, and other conveniences.

Throughout The Cedarhouse School, natural light cheers spirits (and many windows are low enough that even the tiniest child can have a happy view outside). Natural gathering spots like the living room encourage easy conversation among teachers and parents. And our beautifully serene setting enhances everyone’s sense of connection and well-being – naturally.