A Culture of Safety

Ensuring a Safe Child Care Experience

Not Worrying for One Whole Day, Week, Month… A child can’t learn unless he feels safe. And a mother can’t relax unless she knows her little one is protected from harm.

The safety of your child is our first priority. We’ve addressed every detail to make The Cedarhouse School safe for children, parents, and staff. In addition to standard mandated medical emergency procedures and fire drills, The Cedarhouse School safety plan includes:

  • Extensive background checks on all staff members
  • Strict hygiene protocol to prevent illness
  • Door jamb covers to protect little fingers
  • Grounded child safety outlets to secure every conduit
  • Vigilant security measures to ensure each child is accounted for at all times

We know you’ll never stop worrying altogether (we’re moms, too!), but we do hope our commitment to safety at The Cedarhouse School will free you up to worry about things other than your child’s physical well-being.