Unique Programs

Young Toddler: Sensational Cedars

Child Care: 16 Months – 20 Months

New walkers need both the freedom to roam and the emotional security of a predictable routine. They love to try out their new physical skills – as long as they have a soft place to land. By this age, the foundation for language is set, and the first opportunities for language development begin with constant stimulation and communication.

To ensure your young toddler will be safely challenged, the Cedarhouse School provides:

  • Plenty of comfort and encouragement with a child-to-teacher ratio of 4:1 and a class size of 8
  • A more structured daily routine including stories and lessons, art and music time, and activities to encourage fine motor development
  • Challenging, fun, and safe activities for sensory stimulation and gross motor development, including supervised playtime on soft climbing mats
  • Consistent communication from teachers, with an emphasis on social skills like sharing and impulse control