Unique Programs

Pre-kindergarten: Wise Walnuts, Rising Redwoods & Outstanding Oaks

Child Care: Older 3s – 5s

They’re sooooo close, but there’s a bit more growth that needs to happen for these children to really be ready for Kindergarten. Chesterfield County’s Kindergarten admittance guidelines require that children have self-help skills, social and emotional maturity, the ability to function in a group, and academic readiness.

The goal of The Cedarhouse School Pre-Kindergarten program is to fully prepare each child socially, emotionally, physically, and academically for Kindergarten. In addition to the many innovative Preschool Program features, our Pre-K program offers:

Kindergarten-like classes with 20 children and 2 teachers

  • An emphasis on group and individual discovery and play
  • Creative problem solving and learning techniques (rather than rote memorization)
  • Daily writing practice in special journals for each child
  • Access to writing centers at all times to promote letter recognition, letter formation and dexterity
  • Complex math instruction such as graphing, sorting, sequencing, patterning, addition and subtraction
  • More complex reading concepts and skill-building
  • A Block House to aid with math concepts, promote creativity, fuel imagination, and encourage decision-making and teamwork
  • Optional, extracurricular classes such as gymnastics/fitness, karate and dance