Unique Programs

Infant: Wee Willows and Precious Pines

Child Care: 6 Weeks – 14 Months

From birth, infants have a deep need and remarkable ability to form close bonds with their caretakers. Trusting adults is essential; babies who learn that their needs will be met feel safe enough to explore the world with their senses, and gleefully go about tasting, touching, and shaking everything! Children this age learn through repetition, trial and error. This is also the age when the foundation for language is laid by adults who take the time to talk with and read to babies.

The Cedarhouse School nurtures your baby’s innate learning ability by providing:

  • Smaller class sizes and lower-than-average teacher/child ratios for greater bonding, ongoing communication, and individual attention; there are 2 classrooms, each with 2 teachers. Our 7 youngest babies share one room, while the oldest 8 share the other. This distinction allows us to meet the different needs of newborns babies and active pre-walkers.
  • Experienced teachers who promptly meet the needs of your child, building that essential foundation of trust and security
  • Safe areas to explore and develop gross motor skills such as crawling and walking
  • Toys and activities that stimulate the senses and promote brain development
  • Peaceful, nursery-like sleeping areas separate from play areas