Unique Programs

Toddler: Marvelous Maples

Child Care: 20 Months – Younger 2s

Yes, they’re still honing their physical skills, and they’re absolutely wild for running and jumping and dancing, but for toddlers, the real fascination is with ideas. More than anything, these little ones want to understand the world around them. They are curious to know what happens when they assert their independence, which they’ll bravely do provided they feel safe. They’re capable not only of understanding stories and conversations, but also of following instructions, learning new concepts, and even identifying colors, numbers, and letters.

The Cedarhouse School gives your toddler room to explore by providing:

  • A low student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1 and a class size of 10
  • An environment that actively promotes language and reading skills, with formal and informal reading throughout the day and a cozy area for reading books with a teacher or independently
  • An introduction to basic science concepts (such as “ice melts” and “leaves turn different colors”)
  • Opportunity for dramatic play to promote imagination, social skills, and language development
  • Integrated identification of colors, letters, and numbers throughout the day
  • A fabulous toddler gym, safe yet challenging, with great features to occupy active little minds and bodies
  • Optional, extracurricular in classes such as gymnastics/fitness class
  • Weekly music and movement in our creative movement room classes and special projects in the art room