Unique Programs

Warm Hugs, Genuine Conversation, Real Relationships: Communication & Community

We’re all parents here; instinctively we know that a deep, personal relationship between our kids and their teachers – and teachers and ourselves – is really the best way for our children to flourish. And the only way to achieve that kind of close relationship is to build a community of communication.


An Innovative Child Care Program

All of us at The Cedarhouse School view ourselves as your humble partners, and are dedicated to consistent, open communication with you. It’s why owner Elizabeth is at the school regularly and available to speak with you. It’s also the reason we provide regular parent teacher conferences complete with art work, photographs and an update on your child’s progress.

Our small community is filled with dedicated parents and teachers. We welcome parents to become involved in any way that benefits the children or teachers – or parents themselves. Cedarhouse parents have given seminars on saving for college, taught a children’s yoga class in our Creative Movement room, helped plant our sensory garden and cooked latkas in the Art/Lunch room. There are so many ways to become an involved member of the Cedarhouse community. We invite you to share your talents and passions!


Class Schedules

We are committed to keeping your children engaged and content throughout their entire day. Our daily schedules offer the perfect, age-appropriate balance of work and play for each child. We provide weekly schedules in the Parent Portal to keep parents involved and aware of their child’s growth and development.

Sample Schedule

Meal Plans

At The Cedarhouse school we offer an exceptional meal plan. Our focus is balanced, healthy and delicious foods to keep your children comfortable and alert. Our chefs create healthy, homecooked meals that minimize juice, sugars and trans fat. The meal plan is offered for parents whose children do not have allergies, but is not a mandatory meal fee. We are happy to accommodate parents who wish to pack their own meals for allergy or religious reasons. Monthly Menus are posted for download in the Parent Portal.

Sample Menu